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As children get older and more independent, family models can be renegotiated. Where previously a lot of support from parents was required, young people who are about to reach the age of majority become increasingly independent and organize themselves. This also means more freedom and more self-determined time for parents. After all, the offspring can take on one or two age-appropriate tasks in the family household within an agreed time frame and thus contribute to the community.

Maybe now is the time to return to work after a longer family phase. Or you may be considering increasing the number of hours you work part-time to full-time. From the initial idea to the final implementation, a number of questions will come to mind, for example: How can I successfully return to work? Do I want to go back to my old job or reorient myself? Do I have the right skills for this or what knowledge do I need to acquire? How can family life remain harmonious even with new challenges?

Information and tips on reconciling work and family life and returning to work can be found in this section of the family portal.

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