3 to 6 years

Are you looking for reliable information on raising, caring for and developing children between the ages of three and six? Do you have questions about family life? In this section on the Familienportal.NRW you will find a lot of content worth knowing about early education in the daycare center as well as the transition to elementary school. After all, there are a number of decisions that families have to make as school enrollment approaches. And you are probably wondering how they can best prepare your child for school entry.

For a healthy growing up at this age, different aspects play a role. Among other things, an age-appropriate promotion of development, a healthy diet, adequate exercise and caring health promotion. From the very beginning, parents set the course for a healthy lifestyle for their children with their lifestyle and behavior. You will find a lot of suggestions and impulses on all important topics.

The desire for a good balance between parenthood and work usually grows as soon as mothers and fathers know their children are well cared for in a daycare center. Our tips around the return to work and an equal partnership can help to find a good balance between work and family.

In young families, many conversations revolve around money. Find out how the state supports parents and children and how to apply for benefits in the Finances section.





Subsidized loan "Home ownership for families"

Families with children will receive the "Home ownership for families" loan with improved conditions from 16.10.2023. The income limits and maximum loan amounts have been raised to support housing construction.


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Maintenance advance: Digital as of now

What do you have to do to apply for maintenance advance? Questions and answers about the maintenance advance, the amount, the prerequisites and the digital application at a glance!

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