1 to 3 years

From baby to toddler: Between the 1st and 3rd year of life, children develop their personality. We give tips on how to accompany and promote development and make your child self-confident and strong. When tantrums and sudden screaming fits become more frequent, toddlers make the next big developmental leap. This is when parents are challenged to establish clear rules and set boundaries. In the Development section, you'll find helpful information about the defiant phase that will make it easier for you to respond properly to the behavior.

As soon as your offspring takes its first steps, the risk of accidents in the home increases. At the latest now you should make your home childproof. In the Health & Child section you can read how.

You are looking for a childcare place for your child? If you know your child is well cared for in a daycare center or daycare, an important prerequisite for returning to work is met. Our tips will help you organize your return to work after a family break. And what's going on in your free time? On the Familienportal.NRW you will find many suggestions for activities with the whole family.

In the first years of life, parents with babies and toddlers have particularly many questions. Don't be afraid to ask for advice! Help is also offered by experienced professionals in your city. We have listed contact points where you can get qualified advice and initial support services.




Subsidized loan "Home ownership for families"

Families with children will receive the "Home ownership for families" loan with improved conditions from 16.10.2023. The income limits and maximum loan amounts have been raised to support housing construction.


Familienportal.NRW: Available in 8 languages!

From now on, all content on the Familienportal.NRW is also available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Romanian and Ukrainian with just one click.


Maintenance advance: Digital as of now

What do you have to do to apply for maintenance advance? Questions and answers about the maintenance advance, the amount, the prerequisites and the digital application at a glance!


Apply for parental allowance online

On the Familienportal.NRW you will find everything important to plan your parental allowance well. In many municipalities, by the way, you can already apply for parental allowance online. Learn more!

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