Crises & Conflicts

At home, children experience love, security and care, can grow with new challenges and develop self-confidence. However, there are also arguments and disputes in everyday family life, for example about household rules or school topics. Conflicts are part of social coexistence and, ideally, they can be resolved together.

Is your child not sticking to the agreed screen time? And bedtimes are only accepted with a lot of discussion? Every family knows them: the stressful and challenging phases as a family, which sometimes last shorter and sometimes longer. On the Familienportal.NRW you will therefore find easy-to-implement tips for dealing with family stress - with a wide range of suggestions to help you reconnect with each other.

Children can also encounter arguments, conflicts or even bullying in other places: at school, after-school care or in clubs, for example. If your own child becomes a victim, parents can support their child in dealing with such conflicts and help them to avoid them. Here you can find out which solution strategies can help and where you can find specialist services and advice centers to turn to if you need professional help. Valuable tips are also provided by expert Tanja Honka from the "School Psychology and School Psychological Crisis Management" regional office.

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