Leisure time

"What are we doing today?" This is probably the most frequently asked question by children of primary school age at weekends, on public holidays and during vacations. At this age, children are particularly curious, adventurous and keen to have fun with their parents.

Luckily, North Rhine-Westphalia has so much to offer. The varied nature, exciting museums, natural wildlife parks and many sights are just waiting to be discovered - whether on foot or by bike. And if the weather doesn't really want to play along, you can download free classic games from us - including sinking ships and cheese boxes. The Familienportal.NRW has all kinds of tips and ideas for joint activities that are also easy on the wallet.

The summer vacations are coming up - hooray! But what if you haven't planned a vacation with the family? No problem, we've collected some tips for fun-filled vacations at home. From forest bingo and geocaching to moonlight hikes. These family adventures are guaranteed to keep boredom at bay.

As wonderful as vacations are, they are always a challenge for working parents. You may ask yourself: "How do we bridge the time off school?" Find out how you can ensure reliable childcare for your child during the school vacations in our article on vacation care.

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