FAQ on father-child cure

Father-child cure: what you need to know

Recharge your batteries in a spa clinic specially designed for fathers

Sometimes it can be quite exhausting to maintain a balance between work, family and household. Constant stress can mean that, as a father, you hardly get any rest and feel tired, exhausted and in poor health. A father-child cure can help you to recharge your batteries and develop new perspectives. More and more facilities have recognized the need and are offering special spa treatments for fathers. We answer the most important questions on this topic.


FAQ on father-child cure

Where can I find help and advice?

You can get free and individual advice at one of the advice centers of the Müttergenesungswerk, for example at the AWO, Caritas, Diakonie, DRK, Paritätischen. The advice centers will support you with your application for a cure, help you choose a suitable clinic and inform you about your right to choose. The advice centers will also help you after the cure with aftercare services. It is also best to find out directly from your health insurance provider about the requirements and application procedures for a father-child cure.

Information on the father-child cure from the Müttergenesungswerk can be found at

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"Recharge your batteries" is the title of a flyer from the Müttergenesungswerk with bundled information on father-specific services, requirements and application procedures.