Networking paternal talents

Dads and children join forces: How to turn it into an exciting day of action!

Everyone has at least one special talent. Which one lies dormant in you?

Father-child activities in a group are fun for everyone. So is trying out something new. So how about getting together with other fathers in the family, in the neighborhood or among friends and putting together an exciting theme day for young and old, where everyone can contribute their own specific talents? Here we present the idea in more detail.


Fathers have a wide range of talents and interests - and children have a great curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Why shouldn't the two complement each other so well? Just ask your family, neighbors or friends "What can you do?"

This not only allows you as a father to develop your gifts and talents, but also gives your child the opportunity to try out new potentials, hobbies and activities.

Juggler meets inventor and storyteller

Everyone has talents that children and other fathers probably don't know about. The list of hidden hobbies and skills that emerges in this way holds an unexpected wealth of exciting activity ideas:

  • Creating a raised bed
  • Constructing a robot
  • Crafting Christmas decorations
  • Repairing toys
  • Upcycling old things
  • Building a tree house
  • Writing stories
  • Juggling
  • Baking pizza over a campfire
  • Repairing a bike
  • Climbing rocks
  • Reading tracks
  • Whistling bird calls
  • Carving wooden figures
  • Organizing a camping trip
  • And much more....

Once you've found a group of curious people, you're ready to go.

Clear the stage!

A courageous father makes the start and organizes the first joint "talent day" for fathers and children. Then it continues in turn. Depending on the activity, the fathers meet up with their children at home, in the workshop, on the sports field or playground, in the forest or at another suitable location.

Online services or social media platforms can be helpful for coordination, invitations and reminders.

Thought of everything?

What equipment do we need for the day in question? Agreeing this well in advance gives us enough time to prepare everything properly. The same applies to the food and drinks: perhaps there will be a picnic in between or at the end for refreshments? It tastes particularly good if all the fathers contribute something small to the buffet.

If there is a father with a talent for photography, the next joint project could be to create a photo album with the best pictures from the theme days.

Where can we find help and advice?

If you can't find any fathers in your neighborhood or among friends who would like to take part, then ask at the family education centers in NRW and the family centers in your area. Many of these institutions in NRW offer regional programs and projects that support fathers in actively participating in care work and spending time together with their child.

In NRW, you can find courses offered by family education institutions at around 150 locations. You can find a location near you using the area search on the portal.

You can search for a family center in your area using the KiTa-Finder NRW. Click on the "Family center" filter under Options.