Parental leave: accompanying growing up

Mothers and fathers are entitled to parental leave after the birth. Parental leave makes it possible for both parents to take time for the newborn and the family.

Parental leave - for fathers too!

Parental leave also allows fathers to stay at home to spend time with the baby and actively accompany the growth of the offspring. Many parenting couples use part of their parental leave together or split it as partners to spend valuable time together with their growing family. Whether you implement smaller family-related projects, travel together or simply enjoy the family months is up to you.


Things to know about parental leave

Parental leave raises many organizational questions. We have bundled all the important answers on the subject of parental leave for you:

Further information on parental leave can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs


Helpful information and tips on how to fairly divide work and care in your relationship can be found in a brochure published by the Federal Employment Agency