Parental counseling

Parent advice centers help you with problems and conflicts

Parental counseling - in person, by phone or online

Are you worried about your child's age-appropriate development, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with parenting or do you have frequent arguments with your child with behavioral problems? Then don't be afraid to contact a parenting advice center. If you are stuck in a situation where you are looking for advice or would like someone to talk to who can share your concerns, you will find understanding ears at the parent counseling service. All of the advice and counseling services are easily accessible and free of charge.


What are parent counseling centers for?

Raising children can sometimes be difficult and demand a lot from you. For example, breaking away from parents during puberty can provide plenty of fuel for discussions and arguments. Would you like someone to talk to in order to get rid of your own fears and worries? Or are you looking for specific advice because you are going through a crisis in the family?

The staff at the parent advice centers are qualified professionals who will work with you to find solutions to overcome your problems. If necessary, the experienced counselors can also recommend further points of contact and support services.

What issues can I contact an advice center about?

It often helps just to be able to pour your heart out and have someone to talk to. Worried or overwhelmed parents can turn to the parent advice centers with any questions they may have about raising and educating their children. Don't be shy: every question is justified and your concerns will be taken seriously. The range of counseling topics is wide. You can contact a parent advice center for general questions or for very specific topics. For example, when it comes to these or similar topics:

  • I feel overwhelmed
  • .
  • I just can't get hold of my child anymore
  • .
  • Our child is displaying unusual behavior. What can we do?
  • My child has difficulties at school.
  • Our child is being bullied by other children in the class.
  • At puberty, there are always arguments between us. How can we defuse the situation?
  • We are in the middle of a family crisis and don't know what to do next.
  • Our child is taking drugs
  • .
  • Our child has eating disorders.
  • My child is constantly on the internet.
  • and much more
  • .

The experienced experts at the parent advice centers primarily help you to help yourself and work with you to find a way out - competently, understandingly and as equals. Every conversation is confidential. All counselors are bound by professional secrecy.

Where can we find help and advice?
  • Personal parent counseling on site

You can visit a counseling center of your choice at any time. There are around 270 family advice centers in NRW. The Ministry of Family Affairs supports this free service. You can find a counseling center near you by searching online or via the search engine on the portal of DAJEB Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Jugend- und Eheberatung e.V.

  • Online counseling

The online counseling service of bke-Elternberatung

via the internet platform of the Bundeskonferenz für Erziehungsberatung e.V.
  • Parent counseling by phone

The parent helpline "Nummer gegen Kummer" ist at 0800 111 0 550 Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays even until 7 pm. The call is free of charge. Callers do not have to give their name or leave any personal details. Everything that is discussed remains confidential.

You can visit a counseling center of your choice: You can find a contact point near you by searching the web, for example via the portal of the bke Bundeskonferenz für Erziehungsberatung e. V. or via the portal of the DAJEB Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Jugend- und Eheberatung e. V.


Many local authorities bundle free and affordable services and contact addresses relating to family life, parent-child courses, play and contact groups, health promotion and much more on a special search portal. You can find the link to the online service of your city or municipality via the list on our Familienportal.NRW.