What a milestone: your child is going to school! A new stage in life that changes the way we live together as a family and brings with it new challenges.

Many new questions arise, such as whether your child will be able to cope with all the demands in class or how family life and school life can be reconciled? Or are disagreements creeping in between parents because new parenting issues are arising at this stage of life that they can't agree on? Our free parenting advice service can help you with all these and many other questions - on site, by phone or online. Don't be shy: every question is justified and your concerns will be taken seriously.

Everyday life with children can be stressful, and parents need to manage their time well for hobbies, friendships and their partner. Ups and downs in a couple's relationship are quite normal under these conditions. However, if everyday family life is characterized by arguments and frustration over a longer period of time, free marriage and family counselling can help couples find their way back to each other. Because sometimes couples simply have to learn to talk to each other again, to really listen to each other and to understand each other's needs.

You can find information on counseling services and contact points in your area here.

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