Time together despite the distance

Support for separating families

Visiting the child: closeness despite physical distance

Every year, many children experience the separation of their parents. Often one parent then lives far away from the child, in a different city or even a different federal state. For separated fathers and mothers who want to maintain contact and continue to actively take on parenting responsibilities, the "kindwärts" initiative arranges overnight accommodation and temporary playrooms. Find out here how the model works.


After a separation, many things are different, but one thing remains: The love for the children. If you want to maintain closeness and a bond despite long distances, you have to make regular trips. But weekend visits can quickly become expensive in the long run. You may also be asking yourself: How can I manage this financially and where is a suitable meeting place for me and my child or children?

"kindwärts" offers uncomplicated support for separating families so that parental love remains effective even over distance. The initiative arranges temporary playrooms and free overnight stays with volunteer hosts throughout Germany.

The offer at a glance

  • Free overnight stay
    You can use the placement platform to find private hosts at your child's place of residence with whom you can stay overnight free of charge. Hosts usually offer two free overnight stays per month. This is easier on your wallet and allows you to see your child regularly despite the distance.
  • Temporary playroom
    It is also not necessary to be away with your child for long periods of time: The "temporary children's rooms" offer a good alternative. You can use rooms available at the weekend in kindergartens, family centers, parent initiatives or private hosts so that you can play and spend time together in a child-friendly environment.
  • Educational advice for parents
    kindwärts supports separated parents with practical tips, letters to parents and parents' evenings as well as educational advice and professional coaching.

Membership is a prerequisite

The "kindwärts" initiative is funded by grants and donations. If possible, you can participate with a low monthly parental contribution. You can choose between two service packages:

  • The overnight package for 15 euros per month
  • The premium package for 25 euros per month

You can find out more about the detailed content of the service packages on the website "This is what membership entails"


Where can I find help and advice?

kindwärts is an initiative of wellcome gGmbH, which offers nationwide support for separating families. The initiative is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, among others.

All information for parents can be found on the Internet portal of wellcome.

The childwärts initiative can be reached by phone from

Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and

Friday by appointment

mobile on 0151 19026387.

You are also welcome to send an email to eltern@kindwaerts-wellcome.de.

The initiative also publishes tips for mothers and fathers who are separating on its Instagram channel "kindwaerts_wellcome".

Exchanging ideas with other fathers in a similar situation helps. Fathers' initiatives or groups offer advice and support - for example the men's advice network.

Advice and answers to questions on this topic can be found on the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships portal.